The Erasmus program  has enabled over three million European students to spend part of their studies or internship at another European country

What is Erasmus +?

A European Union program, it offers the chance to combine studying abroad with a a foreign country, providing you with an international vision of your sector, an unforgettable experience and will improve your Curriculum.

Erasmus+ brings such opportunities to all – students, staff, trainees, teachers, volunteers and more. It’s not just about Europe or Europeans either – with Erasmus+, people from all over the world can access opportunities.
How much?

You may receive an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to your travel and subsistence costs. It may vary according to differences in living costs between your country and the destination country, the number of students applying for a grant, the distance between countries and the availability of other grants.

The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the National Agency for the management of Erasmus + scholarships in your country. It does not depend on us.
How long?

Your study period abroad can last from a minimum of 3 months (or 1 academic term or trimester) to a maximum of 12 months.

You can benefit of an exchange abroad with Erasmus+ multiple times, either as a student or as a trainee, but your total time abroad (study abroad periods included) may not exceed 12 months within one cycle of study.
Once approved, how does it work?

    • If you are going to continue your studies: You will be received in the destination center, from our mobility department and we will help you to choose the subjects that correspond to you to carry out your studies.


    • If you are going for internship: You will have a tutor in the destination center that will help you manage your life within the destination country and will be in charge of finding the company in which you will do internships, accommodation and maintenance.
About Erasmus +

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.
Objectives of the program

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of education and training.

  • To increase creativity and innovation promoting the acquisition of basic skills and those of initiative, leadership, interpersonal and entrepreneurship.

  • To promote participation in the democratic life of Europe and in the labor market.

  • To promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and social integration.

  • To promote improvements in the quality of work, through greater cooperation between organizations in the youth field and other stakeholders.

  • Strengthen the international dimension of youth activities.

  • Strengthen the role of workers and organizations in the youth field as support structures for young people.
  • Objectives of the traineeship

  • To work in companies of the chosen sector, regardless of their location.

  • To develop yourself in another country.

  • To improve your language skills by practicing another language in your personal and work environment.

  • To expand the knowledge of foreign companies on the different degrees of our students.

  • To know how to work in different European companies.

  • To Improve transparency and recognition of qualifications and competencies..